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Sunday, April 29, 2007

god yes

Shit's off the HOOK after the most awesome Wolf Eyes gig I've been to, last tuesday in Antwerp. POPCORN

Friday, April 20, 2007


best thing on youtube right now. seriously, brilliantly played, prank or not. you decide. sounds silly but watching him is addictive.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


There is new Cut Hands material available on the site! check it out!

Listening to (amongst others):

Prodigy - Return of the Mac
Cold and bleak New York hiphop, exactly how i like it. Kind of generic NYC=depression lyricwise but at the same time living up to those themes in terms of beats.

The Field - From Here We Go to Sublime
The first techno album this year I enjoy and it's because of all the obvious spring-related reasons. Simple as that.

Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss
The bells, the track where the bells collide into some dionysian symphony maybe the most similar techno has come to an orgasm to these ears.

Throbbing Gristle - Part Two: The Endless Not
Very Coil-like, don't feel the semi-jazzy bits as much though. They feel weird, out of place, maybe that's the point. I don't like them. But on the whole, this album exceeds my expectations which were, like, zero to begin with.

Sword Heaven/Lambsbread - split LP
Shred Heaven more like, these two bands had to be on one LP ever since the Man decided guitars were meant to be raped. Lambsbread are the ceasars of dirrrrty swagger. Blues licks stretched out to infinity. Stonerjamz played in slowmo, if you play these backwards I bet you hear the meaning of life explained, fer real. Sword Heaven riffs are like glass splinters, they don't bruise, they cut.

Last Exit - Köln
Bosses tearing shit up. You can't argue with a record like this, it's done how it must be done. With intensity, with fiery lust. Makes me feel like a flame thrower, hot and violent.

Monday, March 26, 2007


am still hype sensitive

what a fucking great album this is. First techno album that lives up to the shoegaze comparisons these nu-trance albums and tracks get spoiled with.

playlist 00.00.00

recent and awesome listening material stuff things and such

* Blonde Redhead - 23

* Religious Knives - Remains

* Aaron Dilloway - Beggar Master

* Taliban - Gutted

* Baikal - Baikal

* Emeralds - Bullshit Boring Drone Band

* Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat - An Interlude to the Outer-Most

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

semi-retirement, sort of

I've found out I'm way too obsessed with other things these days to keep this blog at a decent level. I'll be posting 'this is what i'm listening to' lists from now and that's it. Maybe short blurbs to go with them. I'll return to the old format one day, I guess. And i'll be posting whatever news I have regarding Cut Hands here as well, of course.

And yeah, check out this awesome new logo. With thanks to Robert Inhuman. Thanks dude, I love it.

Friday, March 09, 2007

new CUT HANDS releases

New drool available! 3 brand new Cut Hands releases ready to get sniffed and swallowed.

Psalm Alarm | Blk Paintings Vol. 1 CH004
Psalm Alarm is a new sideproject by gruesome threesome Graveyards (Hans Buetow, Ben Hall and John Olson) and it’s one sinister fuckin’ retard puppy. Joined by Zach Wallace on bass they embark into ultra crude minimalism and bass heavy sniperjazz terrain. Listening to this feels like you’re crawling across floors littered with rusty needles, while your kneecaps are twisted. And your eyelids have been torn off. In the most annoying bright light ever. With sand in your pants! If you dig whatever land there is between Graveyards and Melée, sawing cello’s from hell, Om like bass heaviness and hardhitting percussion than Psalm Alarm is your thing. There haven’t been Graveyards releases this malignant….yet, and Psalm Alarm have only just begun. Edition of 50, in classy black envelopes with sprayed on texts and heavy paper insert.
€ 8 ppd – Europe
€ 9 ppd – rest of the world


LoveLetters | Doke Smope CH005
Twisted transmissions from harsher space that leave skidmarks all over your damaged brain. You just can’t deny the dirty passion that went into this lovesick noise document. Out of control noiseloops, chainsaw drones, off kilter beats that channel some crazy fucked up pop vibes and slabs of bright green stardust to top the cake off. Editition of snooze you lose, in chalk paper sleeves with hemptastic heavy paper insert.
€ 8 ppd – Europe
€ 9 ppd – rest of the world


Filthy Turd – Schoolgirls In Chains CH006
Another stinkin’ Turd is loose! And believe me, whatever you’ve heard by the Turd before, it’s NOTHING like this one. Schoolgirls in Chains was recorded at a girls school (!) and you can hear the dude got inspired by fantasies of uniforms, ponytails and, well, chains and stuff. What you get are minimal horrorvibes highlighted by crushed musicbox melodies, tension, lots of tension and release, some sicko unexpected release moments. I don’t know what his filthy ass been thinking of while roaming those corridors but I’m sure he had the time of his life there. Turd himself sez: “The 'big band' samples on the track is a bunch of girls in music class getting ready for exams!” Yeah right perv. Only 43 made. Fuck.
€ 8 ppd – Europe
€ 9 ppd – rest of the world


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stuff you should be listening to pt. II

Suishou No Fune - I Throw a Stone into the Endless Depths [Sloow Tapes]
I love Japanese psychedelic guitar bliss and this squadron of black clad warriors know how to take the Les Rallizes legacy and respectfully make it their own. If rip-offs are made this sweet, who am I to complain? Suishou No Fune are of course no match to the Les Rallizes force but they did manage to seduce me to use that comparison and it's for a reason.

Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat - An Interlude To The Outermost [K-raa-K3]
How about that name eh? Dude's Belgian, maybe that explains. Remember Urbanus? You probably don't. Never mind, this is Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat's second album and just like the first, it's quite impressive. An apocalyptic mixture of Current 93 drama and raging guitars. The passion his vocals expose is extremely fascinating. Every word is spit with force into the dark depths of it's doomed folk surroundings.

Badgerlore - We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits [Table of the Elements]
Brother, check this line up: Rob Fisk (Deerhoof, 7-Year Rabbit Cycle), Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire), Tom Carter (Charalambides), Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), Glenn Donaldson (Blithe Sons, Skygreen Leopards) en Liz Harris (Grouper). Done?
I'm not sure you need to be convinced or anything but if that line up doesn't tickle your balls to almost unbearable extend I don't know what will. You wonder if one album is enough for all this creativity to fully blossom but somehow they manage to put aside any ego's they might have and make this album work. Perhaps they just jammed and edited this album out of that. Makes sense because it really feels that way. Lunatic mantra's, psych guitars that just tinker away like time doesn't exist, electronic drones leaking sinister vibes, gongs.... just....a lot to lose yourself in.

Bloodyminded - Magnetism [Bloodlust!]
Aaron Dilloway recommended this album and yeah I'm a sucker for that so I didn't hear this 2006 album until now. It's crazy though. It's noise, yeah, but it's somewhat romantic. It has a story even. Check the songtitles
-'Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Aids Ward'
-'Girlfriend Announces That She Is Beginning Professional Treatment For Severe Depression'
-'Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse'
-'Shotgun Held To Face By A Severely Crosseyed Addict While Attempting To Physically Remove Girlfriend From Known Drug House'
.......and so on. I wonder if the guy is talking about real life experience cos that's heavy shit right there. The sounds are equally FUCKED UP. There's the screams, the piercing effects, sawing your limbs off drones. It's nowhere near what you might expect if you never heard noise, or just once listened to Merzbow and decided it was crap. It might even be moving.

Carlos Giffoni & Prurient - Heavy Rain Returns [Ideal]
Heavy, it is. Believe me. I didn't expect much from this and boy was I wrong. The minute Prurient starts his distorted serenades to the undeground masses I'm sold. And Giffoni keeps up, gushing out dirty, dirty digital mudstreams, spiked with hateful intensity. I didn't know but this has turned out to be a dream pairing of two souls that understand eachother completely. Intense stuff.